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First Grade

First Grade Curriculum Overview

Religious Studies: The Jesus Storybook Bible, and Egermeir’s Bible storybook, Explorer Bible (HCSB)

Language Arts: Writing Road to Reading by Spalding International

Integrated curriculum for spelling, writing and reading
Direct phonics instruction in phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, spelling, writing conventions, vocabulary, reading fluency and text comprehension
Manuscript handwriting

Math: Math In Focus: The Singapore Approach

Foundational math concepts taught through songs, rhymes, and hands-on activities
Concept and skill development through hands-on instruction and practice
Basic addition and subtraction facts, place value, mental math, geometry concepts

History/Geography: The Story of the World– Book One: Ancient Times

Ancients (5000 B.C. – A.D. 400)
From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor

Science: Noeo Science– Biology 1

Life Science
Human Beings

Spanish: Song School Spanish– Classical Academic Press

Spanish vocabulary with integration of reading and writing skills

Fine Arts: Artistic Pursuits- An Introduction to Visual Arts: Early Elementary K-3 Book One