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Second Grade

Second Grade Curriculum Overview


Religious Studies: Salvation Series (A Beka), Explorer Bible (HCSB)

Language Arts: Writing Road to Reading by Spalding International

• integrated curriculum for spelling, writing and reading
• direct phonics instruction in phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, spelling, writing conventions, vocabulary, reading fluency and text comprehension
• cursive handwriting

Math: Math In Focus: The Singapore Approach

• foundational math concepts taught through songs, rhymes, and hands-on activities
• concept and skill development through hands-on instruction and practice
• complex addition and subtraction, introduction to multiplication and division

History/Geography: The Story of the World- Book Two: The Middle Ages

• Medieval- early Renaissance
• Years 400-1600 A.D.

Science: Noeo Science- Chemistry 1

• Earth Science
• Astronomy

Spanish: Song School Spanish (Classical Academic Press)

• Spanish vocabulary with integration of reading and writing skills

Fine Arts: Artistic Pursuits- An Introduction to Visual Arts:Early Elementary K-3 Book One