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Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

Assembly: Held each Friday for students to present current memory work and worship together as a school. At various times of the year, this time will be used to present short theatrical works.

Religious Studies: Bible characters and stories will be learned from The Jesus Storybook Bible, The Early Reader’s Bible, and Egermeir Bible story book.

Language Arts: Writing Road to Reading by Spalding International will be used for direct phonics instruction. Explicit instruction in phonetic analysis, phonics rules and regularities, high-frequency words, blending, reading sentences, comprehension strategies and skills and development of vocabulary through an extensive variety of outstanding literature read-alouds. Manuscript handwriting will be used to teach writing.

Math: Math In Focus: The Singapore Approach Development of number concepts, counting and number recognition, a study of patterns, geometric shapes, problem-solving, time, money, simple addition and subtraction.

Social Studies: 
Fall Semester- All About Me, Family, Columbus, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Around the World

Spring Semester- MLK, Geography, Washington/Lincoln, Texas, Easter

Fall Semester- 5 Senses, Weather, Oceans, Fall 

Spring Semester– Winter, Hibernation, Shadows, Dental Health/Nutrition, Spring, Animal Life Cycles

Spanish: Emphasis on learning Spanish vocabulary with an integration of pre-reading and pre-writing skills to expand in Grades 1 and 2.

Fine Arts: Introduction to elements of both Art and Music and to specific historical composers and artists.

PE/Motor Lab: Explore and develop sensory motor attributes, coordinated movements, and fitness awareness used to increase students understanding of movement through skill practice. Help students see themselves as a unique child of God.