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Student Scholarship Fund

From the earliest conversations about founding River Hills Christian Academy, there has been a desire for the school to reflect the larger Christian community in as many ways as possible. Our scholarship program is as much a service to the school as it is a service to the families who benefit directly from it. A well-funded, scholarship program increases the number of qualified candidates who can join our community, and it strengthens every program in the school by including students whose families could not otherwise provide classical Christian education for their children.

RHCA partners with TADS to provide a third-party evaluation of a family’s financial need. Not only does this process provide objective, expert analysis, but it also helps to protect the privacy of families who apply for a tuition scholarship. At the end of the online Application for Admission is a tab that takes parents directly to TADS’ online financial aid application. TADS provides worksheets, step by step instructions, and both online and telephone technical assistance to make the process simple and hassle free.

Apply for financial aid on TADS

Frequently Asked Questions


How are funds for the scholarship program generated?

RHCA works diligently throughout the school year and summer to inform our community about the school. We search out private and corporate donations from those that have a desire to support Christian education. We also hold two fundraising events during the school year that serve the purpose of raising funds and marketing the school. The funds generated from these donations and events are set aside in the budget to support the scholarship fund.

If I receive a scholarship, will my child’s teacher know?

No. scholarship qualification is processed by a third party, and awards are determined by a very small committee. No one outside of that committee knows which families receive assistance. The only employees of the school who know the results of the committee’s decisions are the business office staff and the Principal.

If I receive a scholarship, will I or my child be treated differently?

No. Our admission policy is “need-blind,” and every person in the school is treated equally in every situation.

Who should apply for a student scholarship?

Anyone who is concerned that they may not be able to truly afford an RHCA education for their children. Many factors are considered by the company that processes the applications. Applying does not guarantee qualifying, but if your family qualifies, the school will do everything within the parameters of the budget and the award process to meet the need. And you don’t know if you qualify if you don’t apply!
How much of the total tuition amount will be awarded through a scholarship?

The total amount depends on the financial information submitted in the TADS information system, but will not exceed 50% of the total tuition amount.

What if I apply and the award does not meet our needs?

Families who feel as if their financial circumstances were not fully considered in the initial process are invited to request a meeting with members of the Scholarship Committee to appeal their qualification status in a more personal setting.

  • For priority consideration, families must complete the secure, online application by May 1, 2022.
  • The results of all applicants are forwarded by TADS to the Scholarship Committee, which will then match the results to the school’s budget.
  • Families will be notified whether they qualify and the amount of their awards prior to re-enrollment.
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