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RHCA is one of a kind. Their classical Christian education exceeded all expectations. It is a wholesome community of caring staff that nurtures our children in education and faith. We are so happy to be part of such an amazing school.  ~The Ramirez family
River Hills Christian Academy is a place where education meets heart. As parents, we strive and long for our children to get a good education, but our true desire is for them to trust in Jesus with their whole heart. This is where education and the heart meet. RHCA comes alongside us and provides a classical education where they learn to think through issues with a Christian worldview, all while feeding their heart with God’s Word. ~The Harrington family
River Hills Christian Academy is my number one choice for educating my boys with a Classical Christian approach! It is such a relief to know the values we have at home are the same values RHCA practices. We look forward to a long relationship with this school. ~The Gray family