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Tuition and Financial Aid

The mission of RHCA is to partner with families in their child's education and faith. We are humbled by the families that have chosen to partner with us and many of these families have been with us since the founding of the school in 2013. We strongly uphold the belief that the classical Christian model meets the needs of all students in their God-given growth and development. Although tuition may be costly, it is a worthwhile contribution to your child's spiritual future that can never be erased. 

The school board of RHCA has worked diligently to make our rates affordable. We do offer scholarships, financial aid, and sibling discounts to ensure that families who may need financial assistance can give their child the opportunity to learn in a classical Christian environment. 

2021-2022 Tuition & Fees

Sibling Discounts: Families that have more than one child enrolled full time at RHCA are eligible for a sibling discount. The oldest child in the family will be charged the full tuition amount. The next full-time sibling will receive a 7% discount and the full-time sibling after will receive a 10% discount. 

Financial Aid is available but you must first fill out the application for your child through TADS. If families find they do not qualify for financial aid through TADS, there are scholarships available!