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Performing Arts

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance." ~Aristotle

Classical Christian education does not just develop the intellect of the mind but encompasses the mind, body, will, and affections. 

The arts convey the deepest thoughts of those who have lived before us. Composers paint a picture of emotions, their society and the times they lived in through their music, which allows listeners to experience today. 

Providing opportunities for our students to experience the arts for themselves first is of great importance to our classical Christian educators. Classes receive formal music education from an instructor and learn the fundamentals of music. While learning the fundamentals, students put their learning into practice through performances for specific events as well as Friday assemblies.  We emphasize to the importance of worshipping the Lord from a heart that aims to please Him

South Texas Christian Schools' Speech Meet

River Hills Christian Academy participates in the South Texas Christian School Speech Meet each year in order to provide a platform for students enrolled in regional Christian schools to develop rhetoric skills from an early age. This opportunity makes use of classical educational pedagogy where students are challenged to develop the skills of memorization, public speaking, and social grace. We, and other area schools, hold classroom speech meets for grades 1-8.  Students choose from an official list and memorize and perform their selection before judges. Students may choose from a variety of categories–Bible memory, poetry, dramatic interpretation, or patriotic recitation. Qualifiers are selected from each category in each grade to compete in an area wide speech.

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