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To ensure a neat appearance and simplicity, grammar school students are expected to dress according to the dress code as outlined below. Shirts are to be tucked in at all times and pants should be able to stay up under regular activity. Hair should be cut neatly, and boys’ hair should be kept above the shirt collar. Students should avoid extreme hairstyles such as mohawks or similar styles and dyed hair. Jewelry should be age-appropriate and kept to a minimum. Earrings on girls are the only piercings permitted on campus.

There are two main sources for grammar school uniforms: the uniform exchange with previously worn uniforms, and ACADEMIC OUTFITTERS. The Uniform Exchange can be accessed by calling the school office and setting up a time to visit, 361-993-1114.

RHCA Uniform Supplier is Academic Outfitters, 1334 Airline Road (Gulfway Shopping Center), 361-806-9208.


Store Hours:
10-6 Monday-Friday
10-3 Saturday Sunday - Closed for Family Time!
Students who are out of dress code will be given a warning. Repeated infractions will result in students being sent to the office to call a parent to come to school to bring the proper attire. The Academy expects that no student will be out of uniform as a repeating behavior.


Boys and Girls:

Academic Outfitters navy or white polo with RHCA logo (short or long sleeve)
Academic Outfitters flat front khaki shorts or pants (worn with a brown or black belt) Academic Outfitters khaki pull-on pants or shorts (PreK 3 students must wear this style) Academic Outfitters navy cardigan, bomber jacket with logo or fleece hoodie with logo Solid white socks (clearly above the ankle)

Boys: (in addition to general uniforms listed above)

Academic Outfitters white oxford with logo (short and long sleeve- long sleeve will be worn Dec- Feb)
Academic Outfitters navy tie (1st-6th grade only)

Girls: (in addition to general uniforms listed above)

Academic Outfitters white Peter Pan blouse (wear with jumper or skirt only) Academic Outfitters plaid drop waist jumper
Academic Outfitters plaid pleated skirt
Academic Outfitters navy polo dress with logo
Academic Outfitters khaki two tab scooter
Academic Outfitters cross tie (1st-6th grade only)
Navy modesty shorts (must be worn with jumper, skirt and polo dress)
Navy or white tights
White knee high socks or plaid ruffle fold over sock

Kinder-6th Grade Athletic Uniform (Boys and Girls):

Academic Outfitters navy performance shorts or pants
Academic Outfitters gray performance shirt with logo
Athletic shoes-solid black, solid white or a mixture of black and white

Assembly Attire (Friday)

All items listed below are already mentioned in the above other than the shoes.


White peter pan blouse worn with cross tie (1st-6th grade only) and plaid jumper or skirt (must be worn with navy modesty shorts)
Solid brown or black, flat, soft-soled dress shoes (such as Mary-Janes or similar flat), no boots


Short or long-sleeved oxford shirt with logo (long-sleeved shirt will be worn in the months of December-February), flat front khaki pant worn with a brown or black belt (PreK 3 will wear elastic waist pants)
Solid brown or black soft-soled dress shoes or boots
1st-6th- grade girls and boys- Academic Outfitters navy tie **Athletic shoes may not be worn as part of the Assembly uniform.**