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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about River Hills Christian Academy, a classical, Christian school. 

RHCA follows a classical approach to Christian education that prioritizes these Core Values for each student:

A focused academic environment
A biblically based curriculum and classroom culture
An individually oriented classroom experience
Classical Christian schools have grown exponentially across Texas and the rest of the country, and we are pleased to be able to leverage the resources of some of the finest schools in our state as we build RHCA.

Classical schooling at RHCA emphasizes phonics-based reading instruction, a thinking approach to learning math, and early exposure to fine literature, world history, and the grand story of the Bible. In short, our curriculum will introduce even our youngest students to the richness of Western civilization and the many contributions that Christian people have made to our history and way of life.

Please pray diligently with your spouse for discernment of the Lord’s will for the education of your child(ren). If He leads you to apply with River Hills Christian Academy, we look forward to visiting with you at length in a family interview in the very near future.

Our Values & Beliefs

River Hills Christian Academy has been established to serve Christian families who value a school environment that prioritizes:

  • A focused academic environment
  • A biblically based curriculum and culture
  • An individually oriented classroom experiences

We VALUE each student as an individual, created in God’s image and blessed with tremendous capacities for learning and accomplishment.

We CULTIVATE young minds through a rigorous academic curriculum rooted firmly in a biblical worldview.

We PREPARE students to think carefully.

We AFFIRM the consistency of challenging academics and sound theology, teaching our students to glorify God with all of who they are: in heart, soul and mind.

We IMPART an understanding and love for all truth by demonstrating the interrelatedness of every academic discipline as a reflection of God’s objective, unchanging nature.

We ACCOMPLISH our academic goals within a student culture that promotes a love for learning and a commitment to do all things to the glory of God.


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