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River Hills Christian Academy has been established to serve Christian families who value a school environment that prioritizes:

  • A focused academic environment
  • A biblically based curriculum and culture
  • An individually oriented classroom experiences

We VALUE each student as an individual, created in God’s image and blessed with tremendous capacities for learning and accomplishment.

We CULTIVATE young minds through a rigorous academic curriculum rooted firmly in a biblical worldview.

We PREPARE students to think carefully.

We AFFIRM the consistency of challenging academics and sound theology, teaching our students to glorify God with all of who they are: in heart, soul and mind.

We IMPART an understanding and love for all truth by demonstrating the interrelatedness of every academic discipline as a reflection of God’s objective, unchanging nature.

We ACCOMPLISH our academic goals within a student culture that promotes a love for learning and a commitment to do all things to the glory of God.



March 2021
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End of Qtr 3
March 5, 2021
Spring Break
March 8, 2021
Spring Break
March 9, 2021
Spring Break
March 10, 2021
Spring Break
March 11, 2021
Spring Break
March 12, 2021

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