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Piano Lessons

Private piano lessons are taught by Miss Rebecca Gunn.

Miss Gunn is a piano teacher who seeks to provide a high quality classical piano education. She studied in private piano lessons for eleven years. She has performed in recitals, festivals, and concerts, for multiple churches, weddings, funerals, and other events.
Miss Gunn has almost four years of experience in teaching piano, as well as other experience teaching group music classes. Her priorities in piano education include technique (the how behind music), theory (the why behind music), and making learning
music fun. She incorporates games and movement to help facilitate learning. She tailors the lesson experience to each student, taking into account their individual needs and preferences. Through her multifaceted approach, students learn how to age-appropriately take advantage of what the piano has to offer, understand music, and how to apply their knowledge.  Miss Gunn is passionate about music. In other areas, she maintains a ranch life YouTube channel with her sister. She also enjoys reading, writing, and sweet conversations over a cup of tea.
To begin the registration process for private piano lessons, please email Miss Gunn at: